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Originally Posted by wickedsprint
This is the first time I have ever seen someone try to make a case AGAINST a larger tank from the, you don't HAVE to fill the tank up...
If the mission doesn't call for that much fuel, why carry around the tank volume, and since none of these bikes has a gas gauge, the most reliable way to know how much fuel you have is to start with a full tank.

Why not put 5 gallon tanks on MX bikes, they don't have to fill them.

But if you have a use for a big tank like that, fine. Or DR was my wife's bike, and she wouldn't ride even half the fuel range without wanting to stop in some place and take a break. So yeah, with the big tank, she could stop at a restaurant instead of a gas station. But it was not a problem for her to stop where there was gas, and besides she was probably home already and we could fill it up from the gas can. Full tank makes it even heavier (bike is only a few pounds lighter than a DRZ-E anyway, with less than 1/2 the power) but OTOH if you're not going to fill that tank, why have it.

But like I said, if you have a use for it, fine. But I think it is highly overrated.
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