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My wife has an 06' XT225 and I have ridden it a few times myself. It does have the 6 speeds but the first gear is so low that if you arent doing alot of offroading you will not get good use out of the low gearing. I actually start out in 2nd gear on the street. Since she got the bike she has added a Corbin seat and rear rack to the bike. She plans on putting a front sprocket with an additional tooth on it for better highway riding to drop the engine rpm's.
When it came down to the XT225 and the DR200 it was just a personal preference with her.She actually got the XT for 4100.00 otd because it was an 06' leftover. Save the money and find an 06' whether it be the DR or whatever,they havent changed anything on these bikes but the colors over the last couple of years.
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