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Sorry to bring this back from the dead, I haven't read the whole thread very attentively but there appears to have been some drama along the way.

Anyway I received mine and noticed it didn't have any BETA or EN tags on it. Upon contacting the manufacturer I was told that this vest, the *Air* Esprit, only meets the ASTM 1937 standard. Its predecessor, the plain ol' Esprit, which I don't think is being produced anymore, was BETA certified. I was also told this new one was made out of a different material so I have no idea if it would pass the certification or not if it were indeed tested.

It appears to me that some commercial websites did not update their description for the new Air Esprit which has led to some of the confusion here. Here is one of the Google links that comes up:

I was told that the ASTM standard is "similar." Now, if license2ill were here I'm sure he'd be happy to go into the details of whether or not that's true, but alas he's been banned, I guess he peed in someone important's Wheaties. Shame to ban someone like that with all the knowledge that he has brings, especially on one of the more safety conscious forums on the internet.

***Cliff's Notes***

Tipperary Air Esprit vest turns out not to be BETA level 3 certified.
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