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It's running quite a bit smoother at all rpm so I think I've got that issue somewhat taken care of. I sorta threw everything at it.. new plug, 1.1 pilot air jet, 47.5 pilot, extended bowl nut. I suppose it could still be some wacky electrical issue. I've got my eye on the regulator since that is common between the lighting and ignition and last year I was having some lighting blank-outs which made me remove my HID.

I think I've got most of the issues worked out. I still had one fuel starvation burble episode today but on my next run I am going to determine if float height is an issue. I had it set a bit low and now I've just set it back to stock horizontal. I also suspect a possible sticky slide. So anyways for my next run it will be with stock float level, slicker slide, 1/2 clip richer needle.

I just need to run the needle up to a level which removes the 1/8 throttle artifact. When I went up on the pilot, it didn't even touch this 1/8 area. There's something freaky about that position on this carb. I didn't start seeing it until I went down to clip #2 so I'll see if it goes away at 2.5 or 3. My best guess is that there's not enough air velocity to work the slide until past 1/8.
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