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Where to start.

First I didn't build this bike, just had some input. About the only "engineering" I did was a day at the shop measuring for an appropriate shock length and experimening with wheel travel options. Hardley a speck compared to all the hard work that's gone into this. Basically I'm the guy in the corner with a beer telling them when somthing was crap or not

Really I fit into the picture as a good example of thier target demographic for this bike. We've spent hours tossing around ideas as far as function, looks and other specifics. I'll try to address some of your questions, I don't have any specs and some are subject to change as it's still evolving. I've aready seen this bike in many different stages.

Seems many of you are concerned that it is along the lines of a plated dual sport more than an adventure bike. I probably wouldn't be involved if that was the case, let's face it, if you just want a dirt bike with plates there are already many good options. In the early stages of this bikes concept the goals were what I'm looking for: to build a bike that's really off-roadworthy yet can handle a full day of open highway, whether traveling or sport, and not feel like you're abusing the bike or yourself in either environment. That's not a mission statement , just a summary of ideas.

As for some of the specifics, I wouldn't be intrested without luggage potential. If you can't carry gear it's not an adventurebike IMO. While there are no current plans to manufacture luggage, there are model specific options availble that bolt on, and I'm sure it wouldn't take much to adapt others products as well.

Colors? Whatever factory colors you want. I've seen it in red, very sexy In fact that's another concept that's important, custom packages that will allow you to choose how you want yours from options that work for you, not cookie cutter bikes like big manufacurers. A bike should FIT you and have options for how you intend to use it. Choices are what it's all about.

I can't comment on price as nothing is set yet and it'll depend on options, but the numbers I've heard thrown around it will be doable for the average guy and not an over-expensive novelty for a few.

Scapegoat- YES this is a real plan. Speculation was a long time ago. This has been a full time job for some, not just an evening and weekend project. I've been amazed from the little insight I've had as to what I've learned about the market and sourcing parts/costs etc. as well as whats involved with making your own parts.

Zapp- don't worry, these guys are on the west coast so availability will be in the states no problem

It's good to hear feedback from you guys on the project. It looks like it's heading the right direction and more input can only help make decisions at this point.
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