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Originally Posted by Desert Dave
As for some of the specifics, I wouldn't be intrested without luggage potential. If you can't carry gear it's not an adventurebike IMO. While there are no current plans to manufacture luggage, there are model specific options availble that bolt on, and I'm sure it wouldn't take much to adapt others products as well.
I'd think the biggest issues would be stability and dealing with the high side exhaust. Racks like Five-Stars' for the low-exhaust Monsters have mounting points around the seat and below (on or around the exhaust bracket). Luggage would have to be asymmetrical and the brackets would need to connect below somewhere.

It might be a good idea for Overland to look at some of the various SW-Motec applications on different high-exhaust "sporty" bikes like the Honda 599. They use only three attachment points. If Overland can match the points on even one application (and SW-Motec has dozens of different ones), it gives potential owners the ability to mount Givi, H&B, Krauser, etc. bags simply by buying the adapter hardware.

I'm also assuming that Overland is eliminating the rear pegs entirely as the rear seat on a Monster is suitable only for children and little people.
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