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Wow! I love my DR, but I'm really tempted...

Is this based on the new '07 Monster 695? If so, the base Monster 695 weighs in at 370lb (battery not included). It looks like the forks have been replaced... no longer USD, also spoked wheels (larger front), and you've ditched one of the front disks/calipers? Monster 695 has a wet clutch, air-cooled, 10.5 compression ratio, and fuel injection. This adds plenty of clearance, bottom protection, and seat height. I presume it isn't going to have any of that CA emissions crap so those of us in the rest of the U.S. can continue to do our part for global warming and extend the riding season? (you're welcome)

Here's a comparison between the stock DR, the new BMW X challange and Monster 695 (presuming that's what's being used as a base)

DR650: power = 43 hp @ 6400 rpm torque = 54 Nm @ 4600 rpm
BMW X: power = 53 hp @ 7000 rpm torque = 59 Nm @ 5250 rpm
Monster 695: power = 73 hp @ 8500 rpm torque = 61 Nm @ 6750 rpm

Compared to my DR, higher revs, much more power (70%), a bit more torque (11%), and weight (15%). Oh, and a spare cylinder .

Motorcycle Mojo magazine
tested the '07 monster 695 as getting 60mpg, so a 3.6gal tank isn't horrible... about the same range as my modded DR getting 45mpg with a 4.9gal IMS tank, or my wife's F650GS. Certainly better than the new BMW X-thumper (2.5gal).

Monster 695 lists at $7500 for reference.

Registration / titling / insurance is a big question, actually... how will that work? Also, it strikes me that the Monster engine is designed for the road (higher revs, air-cooled only, prioritizing power over torque, 6-speed (sweet!) transmission)... any concerns about grinding it on dirt at slow speeds for hours on end? Heat? Reliability?

Very, very cool. I'll be following this thread closely.
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