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Originally Posted by emelgee
I bought an Arai TourX (or XD in US speak) a few months ago in the winter sales, and at speeds above 60mph it's bloody awful, noisy and loads of vibration from the peak.
But then I didn't expect any different - it is after all just an MX lid with a visor, and the peak IS going to catch the wind and vibrate - it's simple aerodynamics at the end of the day.
Rather than chopping down the bike's screen, wouldn't it just be a hell of a lot easier just to remove the peak, ie use the helmet the way Arai designed it to be used - with the peak off for fast road riding. Or do some people just prefer the looks and pose value of the 'off-road' style MX lid, over practical considerations like wind noise??

FWIW using my regular Arai Astro R for road riding, I don't have a problem with buffeting at any speed, and find the fairing and screen pretty effective at keeping the worst of the wind/weather at bay on longer trips.
The problem wasn't the peak vibrating, it still does that a bit as the speed gets up as you would expect from this type of helmet. It's the turbelance that skakes your head about. I have an Arai RX7 Corsair, but it was just as bad. I always wear ear plugs anyway as I believe they are necessary no matter what helmet you wear(IMO). So that keeps the noise down. It all depends on your height, it's as simple as that. Trim it down until the buffeting goes away. Thats what worked for me.
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