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Originally Posted by earthroamer
You sure seem sold on belt drive for dirt bikes but I'm not convinced. So you add the complexity of an enclosed system (already been tried with chains, look at some of the 1970's ISDT bikes) and what do you gain? Nada. I don't have to oil it, big deal. There's a very good reason that you don't see belt drive on dirt bikes (don't tell me about Buell, I'm talking dirt), they don't work. Chain drive is the most reliable, efficient, light weight drive system... period. You talk as if the F800GS is a done-deal with belt, if that's the case they'll sure scare me away.
I agree, and wouldn't want a dirt bike with belt drive with current technology. But an F800GS is not a dirt bike (likethe bike this thread is about), it would be (once it's made) an adventure touring bike.

I have no knowledge about what BMW will use for the drive train for the expected F800GS. However, since BMW already uses belt drive on the F800ST/S, it would make sense for them to use belt on the expected F800GS if it's possible to do so. It would have to be immune to sharp gravel, thick pasty mud, water crossings etc. IMO, if it can be done then BMW would be the one's to do it, they are very innovative.

A belt drive would not only save someone from having to carry (and replace on the road) a chain and sprocket kit on an RTW trip, but also be would be kind on the environment (no oil dripping from the auto chain luber etc.).

If BMW doesn’t use a belt drive on the expected F800GS, I wouldn’t be upset. If it can be done it would be a step above shaft drive (fewer mechanical parts etc.) IMH, and be a big plus for world tourers.

Anyway, we’re getting off topic.
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