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Originally Posted by VABCH950
Also the the helmet peak seems to vibrate a bit too. I think this causes a low frew vib to be transmitted to the helmet (XD) then to the ears. I can put my finger on the peak and the low freq. noise seems to be reduced about 50%.

here are my specs

05 model with stepped gel seat
Arai XD helmet
My specs are very similar - 5 11
03 Model with old style seat
Arai XD helmet
no earplugs

I was riding my mates bike described above, and he had cut an almight hole in the screen - Naca duct style - and I was quite surprised that I could see clearly without vibration with the visor up up to 180km/h. I had sunglasses on, but this was unheard of for me previously on a stock screen.

Heres what I did to cure my peak vibration on the Arai - 2 layers of glass fibre and a bit of resin - voila. I then rattle canned it black to blend in nicely.

Originally Posted by NothingClever
Any Brits have an they'd like to comment on?
Well I aint Brit, though we were colonised like half the civilised world. Thank God Almighty, we are free!

I tried an Airoh on for size, and the build quality is so laughable, its scary. It has the feel of a 5 year old bmw plastic helmet with foam in it. I mean, bmx. Sorry, that was a genuine freudian, and I thought I would leave it in for laughs.

The airoh is the most inferior quality looking helmet I have ever laid eyes on. And... the visor was taken to a local optometrist who declared it unsafe and bad news for the eyes. The Arai XD came back with good marks btw.
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