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Thumbs down It's got to be a BMW Mule

Who else, given their history of designing things for engineers to admire vs. riders to work on/pay for service on would try to sell a dirt bike that:

1. Has the frame effectively wrapped around the engine sides thus making access to the engine more complex than need be (frame always in your way).

2. Has a front sprocket that effectively requires an engine drop to change. I wonder if the same guy designed the airbox (and access to it..)?

3. Has a cable clutch yet will probably be priced north of a 525 EXC

4. Has crammed 10 lbs of engine internals and electronics into a 5lb space. You'd be lucky to be able to adjust the idle speed on that thing - even that might require needle nose pliers.

5. And 5 will get you 10 has Canbus or some other needless complexity onboard.

Coming from a former BMW rider, Bimmer's asthetic designs have gotten much better lately (1200S, 1200GS, Hp2), but their habit of desiging complex solutions in search of a problem or by engineers for engineers hasn't abated.

In the period following the great BMW airheads (simple, tough) they have forgotten that what makes for engineering idealism doesn't always jive with common sense.

If they want to take on KTM, buy Husky, throw some money and BMW decals at them, tell their own engineers they're persona non grata at Husky facilities and tell HUSKY to design the best RIDERS bike they can - within the KTM snack ($$) brackets.

The car dealers selling bikes thing is a whole other arguement...
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