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Originally Posted by Max Kool

In a design like this, with the swingarm axle through the countershaft, a normal clutch on the primary gearbox shaft would be in the way. Therefore the clutch is located at the very end of the crack. Where it turns faster than normally and has to put up with less torque than in a conventional engine. So it can be smaller as well. As you can see the countershaft is hollow. Item 10 is the swingarm axle, which goes straight through the countershaft. Removal of the swingarm looks like just as much work as the front wheel.
Ok this is a dumb idea. Clutch on the end of the crank? Hope they keep the rpms low, because it's going to be very difficult to balance a clutch pack perfectly. Yamaha did it in the 60's (CT1?) and quickly abandoned it when they wanted to actually get some rpms in their engines.
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