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Originally Posted by scottr
The ringing in my bad left ear is getting worse. It's getting worse cause the freeking windscreen on my 950 dumps a torrent of confused air right in my face and there's a constant roar in my head. This is with good foam earplugs shoved all the way into my ear canal. Arai XD.

After three or four hours it becomes really bad. If I stand up on the pegs its like another world. Absolutely quiet ... given the earplugs.

So yesterday in the middle of my ride I took the dingdang screen OFF. straped it to the seat behind me. Much better. Looked wierd having that nice unobstructed view out over the dash. My mirrors seemed somehow exposed and lonely.

I did notice the effort it was taking to resist the wind pressure towards the end of my ride. If one was going cross country it might be a bit much. No it WOULD be a bit much. I've got the new big 'touring' screen on order from KTM. I will report.

But I'm going out right now and chop most of this original puppy OFF. Pics to follow.

i pretty much have the same problem.

the ringing is bad and it's pretty much non stop even when i'm not riding now.

i used to ride lots of long distance miles but avoid long trips now for the agony i would have to endure as a result.

it sucks as i find the 950 very comfortable but the ringing is torture.

i wore an XD for a while but found it to be punishing on the 950. let me say this, if you're riding the 950 at highway speeds with an XD and not wearing quality ear plugs you're going to be in for a rude awakening.

i'm wearing the Shoei Hornet and it's much quieter though still not ideal. i wear my street helmet most days as it's just a better helmet for wind noise.

so are they doing successful ear drum transplants yet?

fwiw, i've found the duke mirrors and acerbis handguard combination relieve a lot of the noise from buffeting, in addition to a naca duct or hacked off screen of course.
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