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Originally Posted by Max Kool
I was referring to the phrase "rebadged Aprilia" where we all know that in the early 90's Aprilia was desperate to have a volume selling model. Imagine their faces when BMW suggested to develop a single cylinder together and produce them in Aprilia's plant (because BMW's Berlin plant was fully booked making oilheads of course). BMW knew exactly what they wanted and were in charge, they weren't simply buying Aprilias, made small modifications and then sold them under the BMW flag.

I believe without BMW and Rotax, the Aprilia's 650cc thumpers would never have existed. Or even Aprilia at all (for I believe the Pegaso produced the money for Aprilia to pay Rotax to develop the 1000cc V-twin for them).
Well, since neither you or I were involved in the negotiations, we can't say for certain, but IMHO the fact that Aprilia was putting Rotax engines in Dual-Sport motocycles from 1986 (ETX600 & Tuareg) I believe BMW was much more of a "customer" than a "developer." Of course Aprilia jumped at the chance. It's a well known fact that quality motorcycle production is well below capacity in Northern Italy. The brains and the braun are there so it made perfect sense for BMW to hook up with Aprilia. I believe it was more of a parallel development that a re-badging, but Aprilia was already in planning stages of the replacement for the Tuareg.

And they've done it again.
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