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Just so happens,...I speak gibberish :

[quote=fnckr]I was thinking the same thing. The 950 screen is like a pole flowing through air or water. Much more air flows around the sides than over the top. The eddies it creates behind the screen(buffeting), I feel, are vertical and move right and left instead of up and down.

Here's my idea, just not sure how to implement it.

In summary, create an air blanket along the rear vertical edges of the screen(factory mounted screen)that prevents outside air from turning back into the screen to fill the pressure void.

Cut holes(3 naca ducts) in the bottom front of the screen(extra screen in GoNOW's pic) and surround them with some kind of open hood(did that with the naca duct). The hood helps scoop more air than just what flows over the holes.

Behind the screen, using some smooth piping or shaped channel, direct the air to flow at the back vertical edge of each side of the screen.(did that with the naca duct too)

That directed air would help alleviate the vacuum at the reard edges and prevent the outside air from turning back and rushing to fill the void behind/inside the screen.(might stop buffeting)

The scoops I believe are necessary because they increase the volume of air inside the screen, and correspondingly, decrease the volume flowing over and outside the screen.

I don't know if I agree or disagree with your theory,... but this is what you are askin' for. Hope it helps.

The orange thingies on the pic below are scribbled in NACA duct representations.
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