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Originally Posted by John E Davies
Very nice article! I would like to add one comment:

When you are auto-routing in the boonies, you may not end up with many turn prompts since the program doesn't have any "major" intersections to work with. I like to add a via point at most minor intersections, and at major features like a river or lake access.

This way I get some "approaching via point" prompts that normally wouldn't ever occur with a basic computer generated route.

John Davies
Spokane WA
Good advice, but I go a step further and place the extra via point on the route, just after the turn, to ensure that the GPS gives me the proper prompt for the turn, and I get it on time (well before the turn). If you put the via point right on the turn or intersections I've had problems w/ prompts being either too late, or missed all together.
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