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Anxious to get back to working on this, but I am awaiting my order of a new stock 6G5 needle. My current needle has some asymmetric wear and I need to remove that from my testing. I'm also curious as to whether it is contributing to some jumpy AFR readings at certain throttle positions, so I can't change anything (reseal etc) until I do a test run with a fresh needle.

I have thought about the dial-a-jet a bit more. Seems to me that on a CV carb the ideal location would be on the motor side. It certainly needs to be located downstream of the slide system for best effect. When the butterfly opens, a low pressure area forms in this area which would be the perfect place to add some highly atomized accellerant. I have also considered a mount which would introduce air-fuel into the slide itself. This would be drawn into the venturi via the bleed holes during the equalization process.

Anyways there are a lot of things to play with besides a dial-a-jet. Bleed hole matching (to reduce AFR deflection under acceleration) and slide spring rate (to achieve proper taper). I am intrigued by its newly acquired stealth and smoothness, which as near as I can tell is an attribute of improved fuel metering over my pumper carbs.
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