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Originally Posted by jtwind
7) Service the air filter, i.e., put a new one. DO NOT blow out air filter with compressed air, do not leave a K&N filter in at all.
i just caught this comment on the k&n air filter. my 1-month old pd has, in fact, a k&n filter installed. should i lose it and why?

i'm still on the steep learning curve with my airhead and i noticed that my plugs are on the whitish side than i'd like. no amount of tweaking, cleaning, etc. on the carbs would make them the light coffee-brown color i want. the air filter is well-oiled (I made sure of that when i took delivery of the bike), and I still get this same, lean-burning color on my plugs. is the k&n too open? anyone know and can share any bad experiences in using them?
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