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OK, here is my attempt:

All this did was to move the roar from around 75-80 MPH down to the 65-70 MPH range. I may try opening the holes more.

I tried no mirrors and it was just slightly better, so that is not it. When I put one mirror back on it was a little better than with no mirrors.

My ears were ringing last night after riding all day even though I was wearing plugs.

The beak on the XD is definately getting a resonance going on. I can just touch it and the roar all but disappears. I am going to re-enforce it like some here have said to stop that. I think I will then start cutting the screen down a couple of inches at a time. I am sure that eventually, with a combination of remedies, this will be a non-issue. At any rate, summer is almost here and I can go back to the fully cut down screen anyway.
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