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We stay in a nice hotel in Bodö. My girlfriend and another biker's partner arrive to Bodö with plane. Next day, we have two alternative routes again. There is a ferry which operates between Bodö and Lofoten or there is a longer ride with a shorter ferry ride. Vivian, my girlfriend, is not very experienced passanger on motorcycle and she can fall sleep on any moving vehicle in record time, including motorcycles Therefore, I decide to take the ferry directly to Lofoten.

I was very curious about Lofoten actually. I read some good words about this place and when Thomas posted the trip on the swedish BMW club, there was an amazing picture of a fishing village at the Atlantic coast. Thomas and Britt have been in Lofoten before and they were looking forward to see it again. When the ferry approaches the coast of Lofoten, I understand why many people talk so positively about this place. It has its own special charm and character. Those high peaks sticking out of Atlantic ocean, the typical cold north wind but great blue sky makes the scene worth so many thousand kilometres.

The weather wasn't great in Bodö. It didn't rain but it was quite foggy. The sky clears up here in Lofoten. Actually, Lofoten has its own climate they say, it must be because of its different topology I guess. After the ferry, we have a short ride to the fishing village where we will stay for 4 days. The sun is shining, we are lucky and happy again.

I really can't explain it well with words, but one really feels far away from home and hectic city life. Kind of being on the top of the world feeling. Very very peaceful.

We will be staying in a place called Njusfjord. A fishing village, used for touristic accomodation since 1950s. The fishing village is located in a natural bay perfectly protected from Atlantic ocean's waves. Fishing huts are standing on long pillars over the water. I saw a picture of it and it was really impressive, so I have high expectations and I don't get disappointed at all!

The scenery is postcard quality. We will be spending 4 days here. A perfect end for a long journey. If I would like to write a book and needed quite and peaceful place, this village would be on top of my list.

After parking our bikes we have a look at our huts. 4 people in each hut. They are not very modern but this supposed to be a fishing village right?

We had a very nice view from our hut actually.

Another view of the village from a high ground

Fishers used to and still do dry a fish called sei, some sort of cod. There are thousands of them

According to what I heard and read, in the old times this type of dried fish was a very efficient way of keeping food fresh. When you feel like fish soup, you drop the fish in water and boil it some time. Sailors sailing across atlantic used to use it.

The view of Atlantic from the high ground.

Kind of peaceful but at the same time little threatening..

There is a small restaurant in the village with great food. We have a nice dinner.

Tomorrow, some people are planning to go fishing.
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