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Next day a group of people decide to go fishing. It is windy and chilly outside, so they decide to go fishing with their goretex motorcycle clothes, not a bad idea

Vivian and I decide to take a long walk along the coast. We walked about 4 hours and the landscape looked more like a light tropical environment. It must be the miracle of gulf stream. We saw many different plants.

Let me guide you in the hills of Lofoten

And my assistant guide Vivian

It was a very calm day with no wind

There were some small obstacles on our hike but we passed them easily, my assistant guide in action

I fell in love with this place. It is really a very very special place. Vivian agrees with me on that.

After walking about 2 hours we reached another settlement and decided to go back to our fishing village.

Let's see what our Vikings achieved on the sea while we were away. What can I say, these guys have sea, sailing and fishing in their genes

Hhhmm, I don't know how to cook this fish, I better call my mom. She is from the Black Sea region of Turkey, she can cook anything coming from sea

Well, as you can guess, we all ate fish that evening, and the evening after and after...

Next day, we decide to ride our bikes, we missed them. We drive to a small village/town called . Very long name, huh. Great view on the road, as usual.

Some building were on pillars too.

We find a small bakery and taste fresh pastries

Vivian is happy too, she got used to be on the bike. Of course, she falls asleep, regardless how hard I drive At the beginning she was nervous about it but then she talked to other veteran passangers about it and heard that many people do those microsleeps on the bike

The fresh air makes us hungry again. We eat very very delicious shrimp sandwiches. Thomas heard about these sandwiches some time ago. If you are into shrimp sandwiches, I can recommend those in the village of in Lofoten

Another nice day passes and we return to our fishing village.

Next day, we decide to take another walk with our housemates Stefan and Agneta. This time we climb high up.

There was still some snow on top of the hills

The lake and the Atlantic ocean in the same frame make an interesting view

While we do more exploration of the area, Kenneth and Dan decide to drive to the north part of Lofoten island to see wales. Apparently, killer whales can be seen during fall/winter time and I would love to see them actually. Maybe next time. I don't have pictures from Kenneth and Dan but I found some pictures on the internet from other lucky people in Lofoten. These wales are super cool.

We had absolutely amazing time in Lofoten. I can strongly recommend this place. Actually, this place is in my top 5 most impressive places list, and trust me I travelled some.
It is time to drive towards east and cross to border to Sweden. Our destination is the national park area Abisko in northern part of Sweden. We will attend the yearly meeting of swedish BMW club.

Our bikes are rested too, ready to roll to Sweden.

We say good bye to Njusfjord.

As I said, I will come back to Lofoten some time in my life time I hope. It is a very special place.

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