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Originally Posted by trond
I have a question about the location of the Lambda sensor; do you think it might be too far away from the exhaust port ? I have mine in the exact same position (also Jet4Power) and it seems to be varying too much with temperature, so I am thinking it might be a bit too far away, and that maybe exhaust tape would be an idea to make th temperature more stable. Also I have a comment about you aiming for green LEDs. I seem to be getting more power with 1st and maybe even 2nd yellow lit up. I have jetted for green at cruising speeds, for economy and smoothness, and to get top end 1-2 yellows.
That's where I'm leaning too. I now have it set up in the first yellow light full time so I want to see how much it affects the economy. When I put the BST back on, it was clip 4 on my worn needle. I felt it had pretty crisp rollon but it fell apart when I pressed it later in the ride. I was running the stock main at the time which was too small. I only did a couple of rides after that because I needed to wait for parts.

You mean weather outside temperature is changing your readings? I've not seen that on this bike. I think the sensor location is good. I feel that it is hot enough to work consistently. I had it on the two stroke near the cylinder and that is still not even as hot as the location on the four stroke. I have had ultra copper silicone bake off of that header-midpipe joint. Though I do see others who install sensors a bit closer to the cylinder, I just didn't want to mess up my headers.

You can get another sensor if you suspect it. I've killed one by rock, one I think was silicone contaminated, and then I believe I've bought two others for various reasons. The location on the two stroke is like right down in front on the first turn of the pipe, so it gets messed up. I'm down to one now :-) They are like $16 or $18 at my auto parts store, Bosch #11027 and then put a bullet connector on it.
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