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The readings from a 'primitive' narrow band A/F sensor as the Jet4Power, and I believe possibly any A/F sensor must be correlated to power output (max speed/seat-of-the-pants-dyno) and spark plug readings. So jet for max power/top speed without worrying too much about the LEDS. Keep changing main jets until max power/top speed. I have the luxury of endless sand sheets where I can load the engine properly for many kilometres

After this you know what LEDs to aim for to get max power.

At cruising speed you don't need max power. Economy, sound of the engine and smoothness is more important. Change needle setting and other until it runs really nice in one RPM range. Now you know what LEDs to aim for in the cruising range AND when wringing the throttle.

Only after this excercise is the A/F sensor is really useful. And the Jet4Power is a great instrument ! I'll use it next for setting up the carbs on my old Ducati. No need for more expensive wide-band logging types although they probably work well too

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