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I had one of the first 2003 950S's. The skyscraper. I had my first 600 miles service scheduled at Sommer, some 120 miles away. The chief mech told me to rev it to red in 5th or 6th on the way over (Germany has no speed limits) to seat the valves properly before adjusting. O, and do that for 35 miles, from the border to their shop.

Right. I had cast earplugs and a Schuberth lid on, that I'd bought because of its claim to be a silent helmet. At 130 mph it felt like blood was dripping from my ears. Must have been way over 120 dB and it really hurt. I managed to keep it up for some 10 miles, and I did not hear a whole lot the rest of that day. It felt strange to be on a bike that's faster than bearable to the driver.

My year on the 950 has cost me a dear portion of my hearing. The audiologist (is that proper English?) that tested my ears was a biker himself. He told me he'd only had bikes with no or low fairings, that leave your head in a clean airstream. This because he had never driven a bike with a high fairing that generated an entirely clean airstream.

My 0.02 (and my 2 ears)
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