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I would be willing to bet a beer that 90% of your noise problems is from the helmet !
This is the only reason I have not purchased one.Shoie makes a helmet similar to the HD called the Hornet. I'm not sure if you can get it in the U.S. now and it is NOT Snell or DOT certified.I read a very complete article written by British ( I think) journalists ,that seemed very professional and complete.They said the Shoie was much , much more quiet than the Arai.Which should tell you something regarding the noise level of the Arai
I wear a Shoie RF1000 and wore a RF900 for 2 or 3 years.The 1000 is slightly more Quiet but flows a lot more air.When cool, I use the chin air dam.
I have a combination that is near perfect for me.I only bring all this up again because I see this thread keeps going with some losing hearing which to me is unacceptable. My complete set up for those who want to try is as follows:
1) I'm just over 6ft tall
2)I always wear cheap foam ear plugs (wet them a little and they work great)
3)I have a cee Baileys 15 inch shield.
4)I have heated and bent in or down the "flap" on the air duct.
5)I installed a simple sheet of plastic on the inside of the windshield to deflect the air up and over my head.(picture earlier in this thread bottom of page 2)
6)I made a simple mud guard between the forks under the headlight etc.(someone sells these).
7)I switched to Duke mirrors.

I think the single most important mod is #5). I get very few bugs on my face shield, which should tell you something ! There is a huge difference when I lean out past my windshield on a hard turn.When I stand up slightly (1 or 2 inch's) I can feel the wind try to take my head off. When I sit normally it is VERY quiet.I have tried many other combinations but this is the best !

I hope this helps Y'all !!
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