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Originally Posted by sakurama
Yes, technically true but but we're also dealing with one one of the most aerodynamically retarded forms of transportation there is. The 950 maybe more so than most.

Check out the Buell below. They have a ton of money in their wind tunnel testing and that duct is for high pressure intake - far more than just reducing the pressure behind the screen. You're not looking to do anything but reduce the pressure differential which will reduce the buffeting. While endless speculation is fun (and what the internet is built on after porn of course) I've done this and it works - 24,000 miles so far with an XD.

Well, since I'm having no luck finding anything on the web that can be custom molded without too much technical knowledge I'm going to go with what's been proven on this board by you and others. I'll try it for a couple of weeks. Then maybe I'll try adding some holes on the side with a bit of flat plastic bonded behind. We'll see. Anything will be better I'm sure.
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