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Thumb my ipod!!!!!

Originally Posted by tricepilot
Try getting ahold of Coach at or look up the Cascade Endurance Center on the web and see if you can find a link there to his email.

As for the prize, I think I left my Ipod in Room 4 at the Pueblo Viejo in Creel, it's between the matress and the boxspring. Its yours if you go back to Creel, ask for that room, and find it there!
I will call down there today and have them look for it. I will be down there late this month to do some recon on some new roads. I will be based out of the Rancho San Lorenzo where the big waterfall is at(Basasachi). We are going to build a bunkhouse for anyone who wants to come down and kick back. there is no electricity but plenty of dirt roads, horseback riding and even some panhandeling! Gold up in them there hills ya know!!! Rancho is also going to build 30 cabin/condos for time shares this year as well.
I will try coach today as well Thanks
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