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Originally Posted by Kapp555
MetalJockey Question. We of course here about the horribleness of most of Africa with the rape, disease and AIDS epidemic there. How safe do you feel with your wife in midst of the locations you went?
200% safer than in my home country. In all the countries that we travelled through we must have interacted with hundreds of people. We only had one, ONE, less than pleasant interaction.

These people are poor. I'm not talking no job but still live in an apartment and get welfare poor. I mean really poor, no shoes, sleep on the ground poor, yet they are the most friendly, inquisitive and genuinely interested in you people you'll ever find.

Of course in the cities it will be a different story, but we avoid them.

In Africa one cannot take anything (such as safety) for granted, but life tastes a lot sweeter when it's not for free.
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