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OK, let's start this thing from the beginning, and see how far we get.

Our first few photos show Kenny's nifty intercom setup, which I am going to let him explain in more detail, either here or somewhere in the equipment forum. Technical details aside, we both agree that this was the single best investment we could have made towards this trip, as much entertainment was provided just by allowing us to chatter freely.

We thought about buying an XM radio, but after a day or two on the road really saw no need for one. We're also GPS-less, what's wrong with using a plain old map, I ask, especially when you have someone on the back to navigate?

Our original intention was to leave at oh-dark-hundred on Saturday morning, March 31, but various forces conspired against that, and so it was after 2PM when we finally set out, with the intention of making it to Lawrenceville, IL, a roughly eight-hour drive, before stopping. From my area in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, the route is north on I-75 to Chattanooga, then west on I-24 through Nashville to Pembroke, then north on ALT-41/Pennyrile Parkway, and that takes us all the way to Vincennes Indiana, which is a short hop across the state line from Lawrenceville.

The weather was beautiful most of day one (Tennessee River, Nickajack Lake),

...although we spent several quality miles first smelling, then following this fully-loaded cattle truck ...

...and then we got some good rain coming through Kentucky and southern Indiana. Kenny stayed quite dry, but I had a few wet patches

Thus ends day 1.
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