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Wednesday afternoonish, we headed out -- crossed the Rainbow Bridge again from the Canadian side to the American side, and then took 18F and 18 north from Niagara, along the southern shore of Lake ONtario, and around to Rochester.

This area was pretty chilly, windy, and desolate-looking, but again, some beautiful old and new homes in charming towns, and stunning views.

The clouds begin to look low and threatening, and we see what could be snowfall in the distant north. This is around the time we hit Rochester NY, picked up I-390, and headed south.

We outran the worst of it down much of the east coast, but sometimes it nipped at our heels.

We had another Buckhorn dinner at the TA in Dansville, went south a little further until we got to Corning, and then took Rte 15 south through the heart of Pennsylvania in the dark.

We lucked into a really neat old hotel, called the Genetti, in downtown Williamsport, PA. It was built in the 20s and still has much of the old decor, the high ceilings, the glass doorknobs, even ornate molding in the ballrooms. It even has mailslots and chutes that run parallel to the elevator shafts, creepy dark corners, funny noises, and all kinds of ambience. In the off-season, they also have killer rates, cheaper even than the Tallyho-tel if you can believe that.

Room with a view:

We would have liked to spend more time in Williamsport, which by several accounts is full of great restaurants and good shopping, but alas the weather and the clock were chasing us.

Thursday, we slogged southward through Pennsylvania (rte 15 South to Harrisburg), then I-81 south across a corner of Maryland and into Virginia. There is some beautiful country in Pennsylvania, including some pretty old architecture

and the Nipple Convalescent Home

Also we spotted some Amish plowing their fields with horse-drawn ploughs, although I didn't catch the photo.

Feeding squirrels at the Hagerstown rest stop:

We stopped in Harrisonburg, VA for Thursday evening, and by this time it was bitterly cold in the evenings -- that Canadian cold air is starting to catch up with us.

Harrisonburg looks like a nice little town to visit, although we didn't spend as much time there as we would have liked.

Always interesting characters out and about:

The next morning, Friday, we get to run portions of Skyline Drive and the northernmost stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway! But that will have to wait until tomorrow's post, where I promise to wrap up the story.
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