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Heading east on 33 we head for the Skyline Drive. Like the Blue Ridge Parkway soaring elevations and breathtaking vistas were the order of the day.

So heading out 33

Past the old Thunderbird

Through some beautiful farmland

And a sign directing us to one of the most beautiful roads on the east coast. Of course with the tempreature in the mid thirties we opted to head south

And finally the entrance to the Skyline Drive

For most of the Skyline we had the road to ourselves. The weather although cold was beautiful

Thus ends the beautiful Skyline Drive and begins the Blue Ridge Parkway

And once again soaring heights and breath taking vistas

Nature Calls and a warning of local wild life

Climbing higher the tempreature got lower


We got off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and took 220 to Roanoke and took 81 unfourtantly we encountered a huge blizzard that was so bad that it got really dark and we could not get any pictures of it as the tempreature began to rapidly drop into the upper twenties. This storm lasted until we at last decided to pull off into Marion. Covered with snow and ice we stopped for some lodging / pizza / and a nice Merlot (yes in the driving snow I located wine and also had to locate a cork screw)

The next day thinking the cold was behind us the tempreature dropped yet another few degrees to the lower twenties

So we loded up on some really good country cooking and were once again off to do some more exploring.

We decided to do a little riding and exploring up around Sugar Grove but the tempreature continued to stay around 21 - 22 degrees and some significant snow flurries turned us back

So back on to 81 in search of warmer weather we had one last pass to negotiate and yes the tempreature dropped once again to 21 - 22

Heading south the tempreature rose to a balmy 55 by the time we reached Atlanta, GA.

We were on the rode for 8 Days during which for approximatly 2200 miles the tempreature never got above 50. The bike performed flawlessly and got great gas milage. We encountered 30 - 40 MPH constant wind gusts and the sun rarely peeked out. We Had a lot of fun and met alot of people. Niagara Falls is a beautiful and magical place to be shared with someone special.

I hope you all have enjoyed this humble trip report.

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