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Said dr650bc:

My helmets off to the true adv riders in the pics

is all matter of the four Dimension aka the passing of time.

We are the ADVeture riders of today...

let me give you a example in 1994 I race the mammoth kamikaze Downhill race on a hartail Klein at that time ten years ago was nothing uncomun,today ten years later,you will not be competive if you don't have 8"/10" of suspension and awesome disc basic point is that people will push the boundries of the current techology as much as they can,i bet you does guys use to "hoop up" their engines,worry about tyres,add better headlights and play with the springs to try to make the bike a little better(they did not have anything to compare,no reference point so the bike was just fine for them)
another example look at the 950 and the GS,,the KTM came about and render the GS obsolete for dirt riding. maybe in a few years from now,the KTM will look as dated as a penton...
one thing is for certain,you will always find people trying to make the stuff a little better and looking for new way to break their bones..

Long life to the ADVentures of all time,past ,present and future

Wanted: worn, ugly, cheap motorcycle cover for a big GS 1200
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