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Originally Posted by Stretch67
With my 37-inch inseam, I have to do what I can to make a little more legroom.

I posted my Seat Lift mods last week.

Now I have added another inch and a quarter of legroom by swapping in a pair of Buell Ulysses footpegs.

With the Tiger pegs were removed, I measured the width of the bracket.

Measuring the Uly peg...

The Uly pegs were just a hair too wide. They only fit about halfway into the bracket, so some mild fitting was required to make them fit properly, and be loose enough for them to pivot and then return to their correct position under the pressure of the pivot springs.

The Tiger pivot pin is smaller in diameter than the hole in the Uly pegs, so the fit is a tad sloppy, but not sloppy enough to bother me so much that I would take the time to weld the holes shut and redrill them in a smaller size.

And a few strokes of a file later...

And BEFORE, just for comparison...

Part numbers:
N0502.1AK, Footpeg, Rider, Left Hand
N0503.1AK, Footpeg, Rider, Right Hand

Available from your friendly (Ha!) neighborhood (Ha!) Buell dealer.
I took my peg off my Uly. I found them slippery when wet. I bought Touratech.


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