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those '50's Harleys

so there i was, browsing through our own little "local" bulletin board over here in Ireland. when, as often happens - someone posts a link to another site with a clue in the subject line as to what its about...
so i clicked it....

W o w !!!

Now - 24 hours later, i am still thinking of those images posted here of the riders from the 1950's. it was so good to see this. i just wanted to say a Thank You to the person that shared this with us all - and i do mean ALL! those pics have gone planet wide, such is the jaw dropping quality of those pics!
it did me so much good to see a bunch of guys just out there on their bikes, having fun, enjoying them,riding them, seeing places, reminding us all WTF we got bikes for in the first place!

so the next time i think of moaning or whining about my bike or troubles we face today in relation to riding bikes...i think i'll just pop back in here and remind myself why i got into them in the first place!

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