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I wanted to post some pictures to share with you guys. Gearheart and I had decided to go up to san francisco a few weeks ago to meet the scuderia West KTM race team.

The days leading up to this weekend was looking grim on the weather report. Showers in southern california and northern friday all through sunday. Boy, what a trip that will be, my first long distance ride on a motorcycle, and it seemed it was going to be in the rain the entire time! I had some cold weather gear (Cortech jacket) but decided i should go on a spending spree and get some much needed gear for this weekend. Off to chapparals on thursday, loaded myself up with some tour master pants, Joe Rocket boots, and a neck cover for my helmet. Sure enough I would use every bit of this new gear this weekend.

Friday morning we got started about 7am. I thought my KTM tank bag would make a better shower cap than bag cover.

it turned out it was more of a barret style hat than shower cap.

Our plan was to head up the 101 freeway and then on to the coast highway 1. The weather, not cooperating with us very well decided to dump a load of rain on us all through L.A.. the heaviest of the year. We soon found out that our motorcycle gloves were not up to the task of cold wet weather! Unfortuantely when I was buying all my new gear it was something that hadn't even occured to me.
We decided to stop at the nearest shop and buy some new gloves. Unfortunately all we saw off the highway was a Sports Challet. We bought ourselves some waterproof snowboarding gloves. they obviously did not offer much crash protection, but they were dry and warm, that was good enough for now.

Waiting for them to open, a few more minutes, but they made us wait out in the rain.

We had a break in the weather about 45 minutes south of Santa Barbara. This was very good for us, it was just in time for the clouds to move out so we could see the powder coated mountains to the right and the beach to the left. If you have never stopped in Isla Vista, near UC Santa Barbara, to eat at freebirds, I would highly suggest it. it'll be one of the best burritos you can get.

Along the way we decided to pull over at a vista point and stretch our legs. I am not exactly sure where this is but its somewhere north of santa barbara and south of monterey

As we got off the 101 and on to highway 1, we TRIED to slow down to enjoy the scenery, but with such fantastic roadways, it was very difficult. to enjoy the scenery or the road. the road or the scenery???

A little closer you can see a small trail that leads down to the water.. Not something I would try!!

As many of you know, the 950 Super Enduros do not have very large gas tanks, and have a limited range. While on highway 1, there are very few stops for petrol. At 115 miles I was starting to get VERY worried about finding the next gas station. Every time I would come around a corner and not see anything in the form of a building or gas station, i worried just a bit more than the last corner. I think i sweated more than the motorcycle burned petrol the last few miles as that F trip meter rose!

We pulled into a small gas station with 4 pumps. not a big station at all, but we sure were glad to see it! the attendent asks us if those things we are riding were dirt bikes, I say of course! and then he asked where we were headed and I told the young man we were on our way to san francisco. He then got excited to tell me about the "old coast highway" which was apparently used before the modern bridge was built. he told me it was kind of long, and for a car that would have to go slow through the old road would take a while, but for a motorcycle it would be fairly fast. We couldnt resist and had to take a look. A few miles down the road and we make our turn off the main highway to run this trail, which was a fantastic surprise for us! it was one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend.
It starts off kind of average looking, nothing so great about it yet..

pretty decent views..

From there it drops down into a densely populated forrested area with a creek. a lot of the brush on the sides of the road had not been maintenanced in some time, so there was lots of overgrowth!

Who's gonna cross this bridge??

There was a sign that said "impassable when wet" I SHOULD have gotten a photo, but was too excited to take this detour We didn't stop
Here Gearheart got a picture of me making it through some mud, we did all we could to keep from falling into the mud!


Here is the bridge that replaced this bad ass old route.

From this point we zoomed the rest of the way up and met at a freinds house. I have never been to San Francisco, so saturday morning before we headed over to the shop, Gearheart took me on a short tour around the city. Pretty cool little town.

Gearheart told me to make a funny face, but i fgured my face was funny enough looking, so i just stood there.

Finally! see some bikes!

We talked to Charlie and Casey for a long time. We had lots of questions for them, and they were kind enough to ablidge us with all our questions, and not shoo us off!

Thanks guys, It's really amazing what you have to do mentally and physically to be a player in that race. If Anyone wants to make a donation to their race efforts, i would suggest buying a bad ass looking tshirt from them. Or even one of their bikes

The weather held up pretty well from Santa Barbara on. Even in Fricisco, it was decent. Sunday morning we loaded all our gear up ready to leave again. We were awakened with a beautiful San Fran morning:

Gearheart had pulled his renazco seat off for the night so it wouldnt get wet. Here he was cleaning the water out of his trunk.

We worked so hard to get all that mud on there, and there it is on the ground in the morning, being washed away by the rain!

We were hoping the clear, warm weather would last us until we got home back to long beach, but that wasn't the case. We were dumped on again just north of fresno off the 5 freeway. We figured it was as good a time as any to stop and get a bite to eat.

We had stopped shortly before the beginning of the grapevine that leads into L.A. It looked cold and wet, so we decided to get a move on.

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lots of guys make excuses - it must be the tyres, it must be the weight, it must be the power, it must be the water pump.
ride the $*#(@) thing, and you'll quickly learn that the stain marks in your brooks were firstly from fear and then from ecstacy.
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