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A very interesting read and thanks for the pics. My 640adv is only a couple of weeks, and 1100km, old. I don't trust the servicing here either - another 640adv in Perth watched his first service done and had to tell the so-called KTM mechanic that there were 2 oil filters, not just one, to be changed My experience was hearing one young bloke in the service area tell another, "I don't know how to do it, you do it". So I decided I ddn't want these guys anywhere near my bike and I've decided to do all servicing myself. I know it's a risk with the warranty, but because of the prices they charge ($AU400 for the first service, when it cost me all of $20 and an afternoon to do it myself), and the fact mine is an '06 model so most of the problems should have been sorted, I feel the money I save on servicing might even cover the costs I'll have to pay out because of no warranty. Besides that I like getting my hands dirty and learning about the bike myself.
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