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Originally Posted by davebig
Slipknot your not altogether wrong, but who else would take themselves this seriously, its almost a form of Narcissism mixed with "mines bigger than yours" to much time,money and now the internet where we all let the world know how important, involved,concerned we all are, and lots of us ride more than some of those other brand owners.
But hey they're alot more interesting than the engineers who all agree that the Honda VFR was the greatest motorcycle ever designed and the rest of the world would be much happier if we all owned one.DB
Except that the VFR had its share of problems, too. If you don't recall, in the 80's their cams would eat themselves up. IIRC, it was a lubrication problem. The thing was, Honda admited it and they and the aftermarket fixed it. And I used to own one; it wasn't the greatest, though it was good.

This thread (most of the 12 pages, anyway) reminds me of a Macintosh ad poking fun at MS Vista's security:

Security guy: You are pointing out Vista's flaws. Cancel or allow.

PC: Allow. I could turn him off but then he wouldn't give me any warning at all, and that would defeat the purpose.

Security guy: You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow.

PC: Allow...

I have been lurking on this site for some time practising the necessary due dilligence and research involved with purchasing a new (at least to me) motorcycle. Of all the issues that I have read about (whether real problems or just opinions) the FD concerns me the most.

After reading this whole thread and sifting through all the fluff, general bitchyness, opinions and real information, I have come up with these points as a summary:

- the FD problem is a real issue and not imagined or experienced by only the vocal minority.

- (counterpoint to previous) BMW has sold many, many bikes with a shaft drive, there are many owners of said bikes on this web site, but there are only a handful of these people who have experienced problems and have shared with the rest of the readers.

- The problem (assuming there is one) lies not with the bearings, oil type or maintenance regimen, but rather with engineering, whether bearing type or size, or with the single sided swingarm.

- Time between failure is unknown. There is no acknowlegement from the factory and no known suggested bearing replacement schedule other than a MTBF of somewhere between 15000 mi to 40000 mi.

- On 11xx cycles, one can perform periodic bearing replacement to reduce the occurance of this problem. This is not possible with a 1200.

- BMW has redesigned the FD on 1200s to eliminate this problem and are essentially a sealed unit with no user serviceable parts. This may or may not have cured the problem. There are far fewer of these owners who have complained of any issues on this site, but it is a new design and fewer have any significant mileage, yet.

- Regardless of the model (although I expect all 1200s are still on warranty), if one is not capable of performing the repair himself or experiences the problem in a remote area, the fix will be rather pricy.

If my summary is incorrect, please enlighten me.

I am/was in the market for an 1150 or 1200, but am not so sure, now. Is BMW reliability a myth? Is that legendary teutonic toughness a fiction, or perhaps they have lessened themselves to the same level of some other builders: its good until the warranty runs out. Yes, I know that regular maintenance is paramount, but how do you prevent a possibly sudden problem (other than with luck), that may or may not occur, and is not even acknowledged by BMW? In my opinion, this head in the sand thing is crap. Lets find a solution or a possible work around.

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