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Laugh It's time to head north

Well reported, Snap.
I will just add some Gearheart highlights
1. leather gloves that work great in sunny southern California might suck when subjected to heavy weather
2. Freeb!rds Burritos in Santa Barbara are quite possibly the best on the planet
3. Big Sur Shell Gas. what can I say, you want it, they have it (for 4.78 a gallon) at least they turned us onto the secret of "Old Coast Road"
4. Highway 1. I am not too fond of pavement but this one is pretty OK
5. Scuderia West. great shop, great product knowedge, GREAT BBQ
6. Team Rally PanAmerica. The reason we made this trip, thanks for taking the time to answer a thousand questions in addition to explaining about "sandy three tracks"
7. The House of Prime Rib on Van Ness Ave. if you have ever eaten there, then no explanition is necessary.
8. City of San Francisco. a great destination for a weekend trip
9. The 5 Freeway. OK, there is nothing good about the 5.
A great weekend all in all.
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