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I like the Uly pegs

I flew up to Michigan to buy a black 2004 tiger this weekend. Last week with Stretch's help I trimmed up a set of Uly pegs to drop in. I had almost 1k miles to ride home and I wanted comfort. The pegs were installed in 5 minute flat. Thanks for the help, Stretch! I spent 5 more minutes adjusting the shift lever and 15 minutes adjusting the brake pedal (darn tight clearance and rubber boot).

I like the Uly pegs. As Stretch mentioned, I had to add a piece of metal to tip the pegs in a bit; without it, they felt like they were tilted outward too much. I rode for 400 miles with them that way and 600 miles with them tilted in a bit and it's much better tilted in. I like the slightly curved top surface and the location of the pegs. The pegs give me a perfect seating position. The touratech pegs seem like they're forward of where the Uly pegs sit; I'm not sure that would be as good.

The soles on my boots seem to grip the Uly pegs pretty well. The tread pattern matches the peg pattern. If that wasn't the case I can see how they might be slippery.

I had thought about the Uly pegs for the tiger after seeing somebody's post about it for another bike. After seeing Stretch's pictures I had to try it. I'm sold. It's a good mod for my money.

Black 2004 Triumph Tiger
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