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That's pretty much what I was thinking. I don't really care about the clutch interlock and I can figure out another mirror mount. It's the hotstart to compression release that I don't know about. I'm also not so sure about the hot start getting in the way of the the switch assemby. Think I'll send them an email.

Of course the other downside is it better well be the last brake lever I buy. If I do break it, I'm sure going to have a hard time finding spare parts other than through them.

Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
Well, the perch doesn't hold the lever from thrust on the sides but rather the fit of the center bushing to the lever. It sounds like the bushing and perhaps the lever have worn out. I just checked my '99 Adventure and it's sloppy as hell--just like yours.

But upon looking at it, I'm reminded of why it's hard to replace. It holds the compression release cable so you'll have to buy something that has a compatible lever. It's the mirror mount so you'll have to figure that out. It's also got your starter interlock wiring that you'll have to bypass.

With that out of the way, the first choice would be the ASV folding levers. I'd guess you could call them and tell them your desires. At best I think that would get you a clutch and compression release but you'd have to solve the mirror mount and interlock switch. You might be able to use their hotstart lever for your compression release.

An added bonus is they sell a matching lever for the Magura master cylinder so you could match it on the other side.

Has anybody tried to fit the ASV perch to an LC4 that can lend an opinion?
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