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Originally Posted by boyscout
Thanks I appreciate it. Any suggestions on what you would do differently to avoid that problem?

I looked at my buddies's (CountPacman) sidestand setup before I had the sidestand tab welded onto my bike and tried to get my setup as close to his. His bike (2000 model) apparently came from the factory with the tab already welded on. There really is very little wiggle room with the tab placement as you don't want it to interfere with the swingarm.

He had the same kickstarter/sidestand mounting bolt interference issue with the sidestand fitted. This must be the reason KTM decided not to sell the bike with the sidestand pre-mounted.

Hopefully the pics I'll post later will explain it all.

The bloke that welded this for me first tacked on the tab and then allowed me to attach the sidestand and check the orientation. Once I was happy he did a proper weld. It took about three tacked-on attempts before I was happy and we did the final weld. Also of note, I disconnected the motorcycle battery before welding on the frame.
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