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Chapter 2: the HD'like handlebar...

After a good night of rest in the hotel La Perla in Fes we decided to start the day with a sort of typical breakfast with mint tea. We were under the sun, quite nice!

Then we start our road with wonderful view (nb: the best views will come later... )

We were driving slowly on a small road when a car coming in front of us and passing a truck hit me The guy didn't stop and my friends were to busy to be sure I was safe to catch him...

My zegas were quite destructed, the GPS is broken but the worst is my handlebar, broken in two part

I was not too much hurt, some piece of skin were missing even if I was wearing motorcycle clothes, I just had some pain on my knees and my shoulders. I am alive.

Now we have to react to avoid loosing one day because of the crash. Christian decided to get back to Fes to find a new handlebar while kktos and me were dismounting the old one and trying to fix the zegas.

Christian came back with a kind of HD handlebar. That looks ugly on my bike and that will not make things easy for off-road but at least the trip is not over for me.

We had some trouble with the diameter of the handlebar. The stock one is bigger in the middle so we had to stop to ask some guys to fix that.

The handlebar move on any bump but that will do the work, it's just a new sensation

We lost half of the day and we're hungry so we stopped on the road to have a meal with grilled meat. That's very good

Some parts of the track were very muddy, we know that few days ago it was rainning here.

The view is getting better and better!

I have to tell that at this point of the road we are quite high, more than 2000m and it's really cold, close to 0C. We are in the middle of nowhere and the night is coming. Except some small houses there is nothing here.

kktos asked a guy for a place to stay but according to him there is nothing close to here.

Then we find some building. kktos drove over there to see if there was somebody while Christian and I were driving on the track to see on the other side of the moutain if there was a place to have rest.

kktos told us that it was some government building, unused. But there was two employees still living here and they were ok to invite us for the night

While we were looking around we saw that somebody tried to install a ski resort here In the middle of nowhere ?? That looks unused for a long time...

But the snow is close to us. In winter I think there is snow everywhere here.

Our room is not a 5 stars room but that don't matter, we have a roof for the night!

We talked with our new friends for a few hours then we went to sleep. We didn't find sleep before 2 or 4 in the morning because of a dog outside, crying to death...
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