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Chapter 3: The lost track

On the morning we start early, just the time to thanks our new friends and we were on the track again.

As yesterday we didn't see many people in this area...

One of the local guy told us the track we planned to ride was close. A river destroyed a part of the track. Hum... should we trust him or not ? It's hard to trust somebody in Morocco, sometimes they send you on a track just because they have friends in the next village and they want you to spend your money over there or something like this. We're going to check by ourself!

This is a typical village that you can find in the moutains.

When the track came to the river we saw the guy was true, no more track after that... Let's go for a U turn!

After a long track we took the road again, not a very exciting road, quite straight

We start (ok, I start...) to feel hungry so we stopped to have a lunch.

After the lunch the road/tracks were still straight but the view was nice

At the end of the day we reached Missour where we stopped in a travellers hotel according to all the adventure stickers we saw on the doors.

Too cold for the swimming pool, maybe in one month it will be better

In 20 years you'll only regret what you didn't do.

World Tour finished!
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