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DR200 information.

I am going to use this post as a repository for FAQ's about the DR200....tune-up information, tires, sprockets, and other accessories and modifications. If you have information that is appropriate here, please post it in the thread and I will quote it here or add a link to it. Please send me a PM if I don't notice it right away.

What kind of cylinder head does your 200 have?

Tune-up information:

The intake and exhaust valve clearance specification is between .08mm to .13mm for both the intake and exhaust valve.

Note: Don't overtighten your front sprocket bolt. Use a torque wrench and thread locking compound. If the head of the bolt snaps off, you may have a lot of trouble getting the rest of the bolt out. The proper torque for tightening this bolt is surprisingly light.


Tires choices and sizes:

Sideracks and tail racks:

Kientech has carb, airbox, and exhaust modifications:

I'm hearing mixed reports on the efficacy of the latest Kientech mods. Ask for advice before committing to the modifications.

Aftermarket muffler:


Seat Concepts is a new company that may make you a seat:


Front brake disk:

(a lot cheaper than stock);jsessionid=C6989F4E42740CF511321D 9FD6043D81.westring1?navType=type&webTypeId=30&navTitle=Brakes&webCatId=15&tab=reviews&prodFamilyId=9657#vehicleSelect

Skid plates:

Aftermarket petcock:

Yamaha 23F-24500-11-00 - FUEL COCK ASSY 1 (4X8-24500-02-00)

Another relevant post:

Originally Posted by MacNutz
Here is a list of off-road bikes that supposedly share the same output shaft spline.
Suzuki and Kawasaki models:
DR200SE (96-05)
DR250 (90-95)
DR250SE (93-95)
RM250 (82-present)
RMX250 (89-01)
DR-Z250 (01-06)
DR350 (90-99)
DR350SE (90-99)
DRZ400 E (00-present)
DRZ400 S (00-present)
KLX400R (03-present)
KLX400SR (03-present)

Maybe you could use one of these applications to find a 16 tooth.

Engine mods:

Originally Posted by zomby woof
The camshaft for a DR-Z125 will work in a 200 motor. You can get one from hotcams.
Its pretty mild, but it is a little better than the stocker.
Have a look in the DR-Z125 section on thumpertalk. Lots of stuff available for the 125 should work on the 200.
I started the cam thread, so if you have any questions, just PM me.
I sold my 125, and I'm trying to decide whether to go DR200, or XT225 for the street.
What do you guys think, I wonder

Now don't just take your information and run. Drop in at the end of the thread and say hello, or post a picture of your bike, or tell us where you rode it and who you met on the way.

Back to my original post:

This is a trail north of Eldora in Colorado back in 2001. It's much steeper than it looks in the photograph.

Did you know you can fit two DR200 motorcycles in the back of a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

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