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Originally Posted by Paves
Chris, I've just bought a set of these from you (Chris Desmond ordered them), and they look great, and I haven't even fitted them yet. I've recently come from a KLR650 to the 640adv so I'm still fairly new to this bike. A dry fit of the left side tankguard has me confused. When the KLR650 starts to run out of fuel I simply turn the fuel tap to reserve while I'm riding. I've automatically been doing the same thing with the 640. But it looks to me like I won't be able to this once the tankguards are fitted. What do you do? Do you have the tap on reserve all the time you're riding?
You can grind the hole a little bigger if you need to. Chris left the hole fairly small for protection of the petcock.

I ground mine out to a bigger size for personal preference.
The fuel light comes on a few kilometers before you need to flip to reserve. So when I see the fuel light I pull over and go to reserve.
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