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Originally Posted by steve gs
If you like everything less the seat call one of the many "seat" guys and have it reworked. They can do wonders. I'm only 5'7" and 150# so I don't have the seat react in the same way as you heavier riders do.

For riding in a recreational trials mode I really liked the bike and even peg top seat dimension but not the large tank (the only circumstance where a big tank would be a negative) which gets in the way of the knees when standing on steep climbs. We all know the 200 is in no way a woods or trail blaster and I don't expect mine to be. It's a reasonable compromise that I can accept.
I had good luck with a thick sheepskin seat cover as mentioned by our aussie friend above. A sheepskin seat cover will make a bad seat okay and a good seat great.

Surprisingly, my butt did okay on the 200 with the sheepskin on the seat from Minnesota to western North Dakota and back.
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