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Originally Posted by Klay
I had good luck with a thick sheepskin seat cover as mentioned by our aussie friend above. A sheepskin seat cover will make a bad seat okay and a good seat great.

Surprisingly, my butt did okay on the 200 with the sheepskin on the seat from Minnesota to western North Dakota and back.

And another item one might want to consider are good quality cycling shorts. I'll have to try that sheepskin cover. I wonder if the shorts when combined with the cover would improve the comfort further.

Klay, didn't expect you back so soon, you must have been doing 300-400 mile days. What was your longest (mileage) day. Also, what were your average cruise speeds on the surfaced vs graveled roads.

After your experience with the Kendas how do you rate them. Not much left after your trip. Will you refit again or look elsewhere.

Looked like a great trip, thanks for the pics.

Another great ride...
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