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Originally Posted by steve gs
And another item one might want to consider are good quality cycling shorts. I'll have to try that sheepskin cover. I wonder if the shorts when combined with the cover would improve the comfort further.

Klay, didn't expect you back so soon, you must have been doing 300-400 mile days. What was your longest (mileage) day. Also, what were your average cruise speeds on the surfaced vs graveled roads.

After your experience with the Kendas how do you rate them. Not much left after your trip. Will you refit again or look elsewhere.

Looked like a great trip, thanks for the pics.

Another great ride...
I rode a slightly shorter distance than I expected and covered more per day than expected. Hence the early return. I averaged about 280 miles per day. (the first 90 miles on the Kendas happened before I left)

My longest day was Saturday, 361 miles, from Dickinson, ND to Sisseton, SD. I took gravel and secondary roads all the way. It was 40 degrees when I took off. After a period of time I realized I had better stop somewhere and warm up, because my feet and hands were going numb and I realized I was making mental mistakes like thinking the trip meter said 80 after I just looked at it, then looking down again and seeing it was indicating 69. I ran up to a cafe on I94, warmed up and ate, then went southeast again. This was the most memorable just felt like magic with the little thumper humming along flawlessly through the mist and fog amongst the green hills and the weird red and gray erosion formations that crop up here and there.

Some of the gravel was as good as asphalt and I ran 50-55 mph. The worst was like three inches of sand and I didn't want to exceed 20 with my camping stuff on the back.

I really ran into bad luck with the wind the first two days. The first day was straight northwest into a powerful gale. I was only able to cruise at about 40 to 45 mph with 1/2 to 2/3 throttle. I recorded a perfomance achievement of an all time low of (drumroll) 44 miles to the gallon. Good thing the DR has the big tank. Reserve was at about 2.75 gallons.

Then the next day was good as I rode north up the Sheyenne River valley on a run before the wind. This was a lot of twisty gravel, 40-45 mph. Speed limit 25? Nonsense.

After a nice run north, I reluctantly turned west on a beam reach at Carrington. There was a nasty, gusty gale from the south that was blowing the little bike around and she could only manage 40-45 mph with 2/3 or so throttle. This was very fatiguing. I called it a day in McCluskey.

I know better than this; I should have just gone wherever the wind wanted to blow me. I should have let the wind blow me up to Moose Mountain, where I've always wanted to go exploring more. Another lesson re-learned.

I picked out roads that were so desolate that I never had a hard time with too many cars coming up behind me and trying to pass. I saw very few motorcyclists.

The rear Kenda is almost used up, but I like the grip and low, low, price so much that I will get another. The front tire sustained virtually unmeasurable wear.
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