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Originally Posted by Birdmove
I'm thinking of getting a DR200.With gas prises at $3.40 + here in the Pacific Northwest, I'd like a smaller bike I could commute with and use for trail riding too. I'm about 5'10" or 11" tall and about 172 pounds-anyone my size riding one of these? I like the simplicity (air cooling,easily adjusted valves with screw type adjusters,large tank for a 200cc,long track record of reliability etc.). Are you owners really getting close to 100mpg?? If you are, I'm going in this weekend....

I've never gotten close to 100 mpg. But I can see how if I was really careful, I could pull that off. Usually I ride the 200 with abandon around town and on trails and it turns in 70 to 80 miles to the gallon. If I add in highway and freeway speeds for short bursts the mileage can dip to the 60's.

Flogging it down the endless road out west against a head wind can really drive the mileage down. Reminds me of my DR650 in that respect.
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