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Brilliant pics

Originally Posted by wachs
OK - so the fellas from Washington said they had knobs on and were ready for some high desert action. We rolled from my place about 9:30 or so and it was very dusty. Knowing our ‘secret ditch trail’ was all fresh and had lots of pine needles and duff in it (to keep the dust down) we decided to give it a go. I mentioned that there were a couple ‘get-outs’ that were manditory and several more that were optional. Robb has this pristine 950 but he has all the guards on it and really, this a good track to crash on because it’s mostly sandy. it starts out pretty mellow.

Here comes Brent on his well set up XR650L

The first mandatory get out and all’s well.

Here comes Hockin just before the second get out. Good set up and he helped us clear this thing so he knows what’s coming. It’s really dry here already but after a rain, this is is so grippy.

Like a ground support person at the airport, I’m trying to motion to Rob that he needs to swing left a bit then punch it up the ditch.

I must not be communicating with my gestures but he gives it the gas and, well . . .

We are within 10 miles of the start of this ride and I’m thinking these guys are already pissed at me. I’ve led some buddies into dumb situations before in my enthusiasm to share cool places but you’d think at this stage of the game I’d know better.

Rob is such a cool cat though and he’s joking - ‘hey did you get that picture? because this 950 pound bike really is on my leg.” He and I backtrack to the last get out and roll on a dirt road that parallels the ditch.

These guys are game but it’s already warming up like it does over here so sleeves are zipped off and really they passed the ‘rider test’ so we better get moving and cool everybodie’s bikes down with some 3rd, 4th gear 2-tracks up to the view point.

Jim charging up the grade on his Husky TE450

Robdogg (I’d keep my feet on those pegs but hey - everybody’s different eh?)

Crap exposure - my bad - the Sisters are looming in the background as we ascend to the view.

There goes Brent

So we were on the view point and had talked to Stihrigg who had pulled a muscle the day before forcing his way up to a really great lake the day before on his 950. We thought he wasn’t even going to attempt to ride with us but at the last minute, said he was able. Great! meet us up on the butte then. We called him and by chance, he had stopped to adjust his handlebars, had his helmet off and took the call. “I’m not sure exactly where I am or how to get to you guys”.

Just meet us in Sisters for lunch and we’ll do the afternoon, and so we head down to a little water crossing and our meal.

Matt taking the ‘easy’ line.

Robdogg taking the technical line.

So I don’t have shot of Robb(water)dog laying in the hole to his left, with the water flowing into his jacket collar, filling up his sleeves, running down into his pants, filling his left boot with water, and his camera lodged under a small log in the water but I do have this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

It might not look like much and I bet the next time Rob comes through here it’ll be a quick rip of the throttle and he’ll be laughing at these shots but he hesitated just long enough to miss it and fell over into the stream to the left. It’s deeper than it looks and he was soaked. Thankfully, it was pretty warm out and I think he was actually more comfortable than all of us at this point.

As we were inspecting the damage and looking for his submerged Canon, I hear another machine through the woods. It must be Stihlrigg as I recognize the FMF duals.

Sure enough -

He sees the camera and knows it must be an obstacle so punches it across the water. There are some fairly good sized rocks in there and they are at an angle to the line you want so it’s (as usual) better to just gas it.

Good laughs all around and down we go towards Sisters for lunch. But we need to show the Washington fellas some more dusty chocolate. Here’s Jim charging the TE -

Stihlrigg giving his back a ‘rest’ on the 950


Brent- the ‘dusty buddy’

Dualsport650 (Matt) who can’t control his throttle hand :)

So, there was a bunch of cool trail to lunch and we didn’t shoot anymore pictures. But I got this one shot of Hockin and his weird eyeballs

We have an OK (totally over-priced tourist town meal) and head north into the more open country. We could’ve taken the fellas on some epic single track but it was super dusty and with 6 bikes we’d be clogging up everyone’s filters so we decide to change it up.

We’ve riden this graveyard of rim wrecking headstones that is so fun but kind os a tese as there are segments of sand between imbedded lava stones that’ll flat your tires and bend a rim before you even know what happened. The dust paints the rocks and makes them cammoflaged.

no complaints from Brent

Have we discussed the dusty conditions? At least we are now out in the open and there’s a breeze.

The DesChutes river

On the rim of the DesChutes looking west to Mt Jeferson, the second highest mountain in Oregon.

We are headed back towards my place (and the beer cooler) now but there’s one more chance for Rob(water)dogg to go swimming with his bike.

He spoils the shot by riding through flawlessly though.

Stihlrigg -

I like to ride this little canyon and it may be closed off to through traffic someday but we had a great roll through this day.

Hockin -

Jim -

Brent -

Robdogg -

One more little hill climb out of the canyon and we reach some pavement.

I ask the guys if they want some more of that and everyone says YEAH.

I haven’t ridden this area since last fall and there’s been a crap-load of bikes through here so it’s totally whooped out which on my 525 is a blast but the whole time I’m thinking these guys are going to be so pissed at me (again)

It gets tight in a few places but we all make it through ( and Stihrigg leaves some skidpan petroglyphs)

Brent -

Robdogg -

It was a great day with some great fellas and we saw a bunch of cool stuff that I didn’t take any photos of. A pleasure to share our routes with everyone. Till the next time . . .
Lets hear it for Aqua-dog. Whattaguy taking that big old hoss out there. Great pics and a super report. Thanks
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